The Visegrad Conference

"Dynamical Systems, Prague 2005", 17 - 24 July

List of participants

Name Place Email address Title
S. Bailey Univ. of North Carolina, USA Non-Stationary Adic Transformations.
B. Balcar Academy of Sciences, Czechia Dynamical systems and Boolean algebras
F. Balibrea Univ. of Murcia, Spain On the Periodicity Structure of Delayed Systems of the Form xn+k=f(xn) with k≥2 in some Low-dimensional Spaces
F. Blanchard Inst. de Math. de Luminy, France Franç On the size of scrambled sets.
J. Bobok Czech Tech. University, Czechia On α-Lipschitz Extension of Transitive Interval Map with Topological Entropy log α.
H. Bruin Univ. of Surrey, UK Asymptotic arc-components of inverse limit spaces of unimodal maps.
J.-Ch. Delvenne Univ. Catholique de Louvain, Belgium Decidability and Computational Universality in Symbolic Systems.
T. Downarowicz Wroclaw Univ of Tech., Poland Expansiveness of certain Bratteli-Vershik diagrams.
F. Durand Univ. de Picardie Jules Verne, France Cobham Theorems for dynamical systems and tilings.
J.-L. García Univ. Pol. de Cartagena, Spain Set-valued chaos.
E. Glasner Tel-Aviv Univ., Israel The local variational principle.
M. Holland Univ. of Surrey, UK Rates of Mixing for one-dimensional Lorenz maps.
R. Hric Matej Bel Univ., Slovakia Unweighted dynamical zeta functions for piecewise monotone graph maps
V. Jimenez Univ. of Murcia, Spain Positive Lyapunov exponents or positive metric entropy imply sensitivity.
Z. Kočan Silesian Univ., Czechia Triangular maps of the square.
A. Krause N. Copernicus Univ., Poland Normalizers of Cantor minimal systems.
J. Kupka Silesian Univ., Czechia The triangular maps with closed sets of periodic points.
J. Kupsa Charles Univ., Czechia k-th limit laws of return and hitting times
P. Kůrka Charles Univ., Czechia Cellular automata in the space of Borel probability measures.
J. Kwiatkowski N. Copernicus Univ., Poland Topologies on the groups of homeomorphisms and Borel automorphisms of a Cantor set.
M. Lampart Silesian Univ., Czechia Set-valued chaos.
G. Levin Hebrew Univ., Israel Critical covering maps of the circle.
A. Maass Univ. of Chile, Chile Continous eigenvalues of tiling systems.
M. Málek Silesian Univ., Czechia Omega limit sets and chaos on graphs.
P. Maličký Matej Bel Univ., Slovakia Category version of the Poincare recurrence theorem.
I. Marek Czech Tech. University, Czechia An aggregation variation on the Google matrix: Some of the mathematical aspects of the Google search engine
M. Megrelishvili Bar-Ilan University, Israel Hereditarily non-sensitive dynamical systems.
M. K. Mentzen N. Copernicus Univ., Poland Cylinder cocycle extensions of minimal rotations, II.
M. Misiurewicz Ind. Univ. Purdue Univ. Indianapolis, USA Rotation sets of billiards with one obstacle.
K. Petersen Univ. of North Carolina, USA Adic dynamics, random walks, and random permutations.
F. Przytycki Polish Academy of Sc., Poland Entropy Conjecture.
P. Raith University of Vienna, Austria Continuity of the topological pressure of a piecewise monotonic map under small perturbations.
M. Rams Polish Academy of Sc., Poland Contracting on average baker maps.
A. Rodrigues Univ. do Porto, Portugal Secondary Bifurcations in Systems with SN-Symmetry.
P. Romagnoli Univ. of Andrés Bello, Chile Conditional Entropy Pairs and Applications
M. Schraudner Univ. of Heidelberg, Germany On the automorphisms of countable state Markov shifts.
A. Siemaszko Univ. of Warmia and Mazury, Poland Cylinder cocycle extensions of minimal rotations, I.
K. Simon Budapest Univ. of Tech. and Ec., Hungary The algebric difference of random Cantor set.
J. Smítal Silesian Univ., Czechia Dynamics of triangular maps - recent progress.
Ľ. Snoha Matej Bel Univ., Slovakia Noninvertible minimal maps revisited.
V. Špitalský Matej Bel Univ., Slovakia Omega-limit sets in dendrites.
J. Szymanski N. Copernicus Univ., Poland Extreme relations for topological flows.
K. Thomsen Aarhus Univ., Denmark On the ergodic theory of synchronized systems.
M. Todd Univ. of Surrey, UK Good invariant measures on the Julia sets of polynomials.
M. Wata N. Copernicus Univ., Poland Dimension and infinitesimal groups of topological dynamical systems.

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